How to Decorate a Party Room

Christina turned a section of her store into a Party Room that she can rent out for $35 an hour. She decorates the space with photos that fit the theme of each event.

The chest is a popular place for drop parties, with players able to receive follower pets like the Balloon cat, balloon dog, and balloon goat when they pop all the present boxes. Players can also receive a variety of other items.

Decorate the Walls

There are a lot of different options out there for hanging party decorations without damaging walls, and it’s important to understand that what works best will depend on the size and weight of each decor item. Double-sided tape and command hooks are great for lighter decor items, but they may not be appropriate for framed photographs or heavier balloons.

If your party has a theme, decorate the walls to match it. For instance, if you’re hosting a celebration for parents, hang photos of them together or from special events throughout their lives. If you’re hosting a Hollywood themed birthday, include photos of actors and musicians to add a fun touch.

If your party is taking place at night, use lighting to focus and heighten the energy of the room. Strobe lights, disco balls, or even just regular candles can really help set the mood. If your party space has windows, consider covering them with drapes in a complementary color to the room’s overall color scheme.

Set Up a Soda & Beer Station

A good drink station is a must for any party. It is a way to alleviate the line at the bar and let guests serve themselves. Besides helping to save money, it also gives you an opportunity to design the drinks around your theme.

If you have enough space, set up a separate table for your drink station. Use a white vinyl tablecloth to prevent spills and make it easy for guests to grab drinks. You should also have a bucket or other chilling container of water and ice for those who want to add something extra to their drink.

Stock a variety of beverage dispensers and pitchers that match your theme or party theme. Include a large selection of beer, including a few craft options. For a fun DIY drink station, set up a rhubarb agua fresca and let guests mix their own cocktails with infused vodka or other spirits. Provide a muddler, mint and flavored syrups to create the perfect mojito.

Create a Hors-D’oeuvre Area

It’s no secret that food is one of the most important components to any party. However, feeding a crowd can be stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres are an easy and cost-effective way to feed a group of guests.

Hors-d’oeuvre (pronounced or-DERVS) are small bites of food that are typically served during cocktail hour at a reception, gala or other special event. They can be sweet or savory and come in many shapes and sizes. They are often presented on a tray and passed to guests while they mingle.

Whether you are planning an all-hors-d’oeuvre affair or serving a full dinner, it is important to plan the menu carefully. A thoughtful menu should include a mix of items that are quick and easy to prepare in addition to those that require more time and effort. This will help the kitchen staff keep up with demand and reduce stress leading up to and during the event.

Create a Focal Point

Incorporating focal points into your photography helps to tell a story and results in more engaging photographs. Whether it’s an architectural feature, a color or light fixture, or even an object that stands out on its own – such as a slice of cake left over from a birthday party or a solitary tree in the middle of a cornfield – defining a clear focal point helps to create a sense of direction for viewers and draws their attention to your photograph.

When arranging furniture in a Party Room, consider the focal point. For example, if your focal point is the fireplace, be sure seating faces in a way that ensures everyone gets a good straight view of the fire. If there are multiple architectural focal points, try to orient furniture and color palettes so they all work together without competing. Adding or subtracting elements around your focal point is also a great way to make it stand out.

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