How to Create a Party Room in Your Home

A party room game idea  is a room in your home that is used for social gatherings and entertainment. You can make this space look inviting and comfortable with a few simple touches.

Decorate the walls with family photos for a more personal touch. You can also use pictures that fit your theme, such as movie posters.

Home Party Room

Many homeowners include a home party room in their design to serve as an extra dining space, second den or recreational area. Adding frameless interior glass windows can exemplify the exterior beauty of your home while allowing for a spacious ambiance that can accommodate large groups of people.

Using photos and artwork to decorate the party space helps create a more personal feel to your event. Depending on your theme, you can hang photos of family members or friends, and even use images that fit the party’s theme—such as movie stars for a Hollywood themed event.

Providing convenient trash receptacles throughout the party area will help reduce cleanup time. You may also want to consider putting out some butt buckets for guests to place their used cigarette butts in. This will eliminate the need for emptying and re-filling a large amount of trash bags, which is often a tedious task that requires multiple trips outside.

Dining Room

Many homeowners choose to convert their dining room into a party space. Others build homes with dedicated social spaces or create a party room from an existing den, extra bedroom or second living area. Ideally, any home party room will be close to the kitchen so that food & drinks can be easily served. It should also be near an entryway so that guests can be greeted and welcomed by your family.

Movable furniture is a must, so that the party room game idea can accommodate different seating arrangements for various parties and themes. Look for rounded furniture shapes that follow the spatial Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui, which discourages angular lines that can cause negative energy to focus in one area. Providing plenty of seating options, including a coffee table and entertainment consoles that can be tucked away during a bash, is also important. Consider adding a rug to add texture, warmth and color. Make sure that the rugs are high-quality and can be easily cleaned.

Living Room

The living room (also called a salon, sala de estar, or drawing room) is a more formal space for gathering and entertaining. It is usually located in the front of the home and a great place to host cocktail parties, visit with neighbors, or socialize before dinner.

Living rooms that double as party spaces should be equipped with easily accessible trash receptacles, a table to set out hors-d’oeuvres and drinks, and a comfortable spot to relax for guests. It’s also a good idea to opt for a cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings in lieu of standard ones to maximize the sense of space and prevent your party from feeling cramped.

Decorating for a party can be a fun way to show off your creativity. From determining the overall style you’re going for to arranging accessories in perfect vignettes, there are many ways to create magazine-worthy results. Doing your homework ahead of time can save you both time and money—ordering furniture and accessories that don’t work in a room can be costly.

Game Room

A game room (also called a rec room, rumpus room, or billiards hall) is a dedicated space for leisure activities like watching movies, playing video games, and entertaining guests. It’s possible to create a game room in any size home—even in a one-bedroom apartment.

The room’s décor should reflect your family’s interests, and a few key items are a must-have. A large TV or projector is the perfect centerpiece for showing off movies and music, and you’ll want to add a killer sound system.

If you plan to host big games like pool or darts, make sure your space has enough open floor area. Try maximizing space by using tables and chairs with storage underneath to keep balls, darts, and boards out of the way when not in use. And don’t forget a drinks station with a sink and bar cart to serve up beverages for all your guests.

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