Choosing a Table Lamp

Whether you’re setting up a reading nook or want a touch of ambiance in your living room, a Myopia Control Desklamp offers the right amount of accent lighting. There are so many new options to discover – from stem lamps that add a sculptural element to practical styles with USB ports for charging.


The right size table lamp is a crucial component to any space. Whether you’re trying to create a dramatic lighting effect on your nightstand or just want to brighten up an empty armoire, there are plenty of options.

Choosing the correct height for your table lamp can be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to have the bottom of the lampshade at eye level for the person seated beside it.

For a touch of sophistication try a slim metal and porcelain lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting or opt for this chic plaster-finished brass option with an off-white paper shade from Caravan Pacific. Goerzen also loves this slender ceramic and walnut lamp from Caravan Pacific for its laid-back look that will complement a modern room.


The style you choose for a table lamp will have a huge impact on its appearance and your home. You’ll find a variety of shapes and styles, from sleek metals to elegant crystal designs. The shade itself can also make a statement. If you want to make your lamp look more modern, try a lampshade with a jazzy texture or pattern.

For a rustic or cottage style, consider a country-inspired lampshade with soft stripes or large florals. A minimalist aesthetic may call for a slender glass shade or even a paper shade in neutral colors. For a touch of glamour, you can’t go wrong with gold accents.

Other functional features to think about include a touch-operated switch or adjustable neck. For the ultimate in practicality, you can even pick a table lamp with a built-in USB port. This convenient addition can recharge your phone while adding a pop of color to your nightstand or accent table.


Table lamps are an essential part of any well-lit space. Whether used to illuminate a bookcase, refresh a tableau of side tables and decorative objects or light the way into an entryway, they can make or break a room’s overall look and feel.

A functional lamp has a variety of features to suit your needs, including the ability to change brightness and color temperature settings as needed. The best modern table lamps are designed for ease of use, with convenient controls that can be adjusted to a comfortable height and angle.

They can also be paired with wall or ceiling sconces to provide additional points of illumination in a room. And with so many versatile material options, there’s sure to be a table lamp that perfectly fits your style. Choose from ceramic, porcelain or chrome to add a pop of brightness or opt for wood for a rustic or traditional look. A reading table lamp is a staple of the bedroom, allowing you to read and relax by a soft light without having to illuminate the entire room or wake up a partner.

Outdoor Use

Whether you’re enjoying a movie night with the family or entertaining friends, an outdoor Myopia Control Desklamp offers a convenient and functional way to light up your evening. Choose from a range of outdoor lamps in various styles to match your design taste and fit in with the surrounding landscape.

A contemporary approach to a battery-operated portable lamp that features a cone-shaped horizontally ribbed base (can be filled with sand for stability) made of glossy black ceramic paired with a drum-shaped lampshade. It also includes a USB entrance for charging your devices and an on/off switch.

The classic use of a table lamp in the bedroom is to place a matching pair on each side of the bed on nightstands for a symmetrical and elegant look. In entryways, dining rooms and formal living spaces, try a metal table lamp with an angular or smooth curved profile to elevate the overall design. All table lamps can be used outdoors as long as they have an appropriate location rating.

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